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Introducing the "Reading Adventure Journal!" This interactive journal is designed to inspire imagination, encourage interactive reading experiences, and make every story come alive.


With this printable journal, your child can embark on exciting reading adventures and document their progress along the way.


Inside this Reading Adventure Journal, your child will find:


Reading Goals: Have you child create reading goals for themselves and rewards/celebrations when goals are achieved.

Reading log: Keep track of the books they've read, record their favorite quotes, and note their thoughts and reflections.


Reflections and Reactions: Stimulate their thinking by them being asked thought-provoking questions about the books they have read, encourage deeper reflections and discussions.


Adventure Prompts: Engage their creativity with the writing prompts and story starters that encourage them to create their own tales.


Literary Scavenger Hunt: Embark on a thrilling Literary Scavenger Hunt through the pages of your favorite books, searching for hidden treasures and completing tasks along the way. 


Reading Challenges: Embark on exciting reading challenges that encourage them to explore different genres, discover new authors, and broaden their reading horizons.


Creative Corner Page: Have your child create a space for themselves where they can draw or doodle scenes of their favorite books. Let their imagination run wild and bring the characters and setting to life.

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